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Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Services

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Following the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each patient receives a comprehensive study of their health and health history and in this first visit, the technique to be used is chosen.  Although Acupuncture is the most well known technique within TCM in the West, there are many other techniques available within this ancient medicine:


Very fine needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points.  The needles are sterile and of one use only.  They are painless.  They are useful in cases of energetic imbalances, which could be the cause of allergies, asthma, migraines, infertility, hypertension, vertigo, insomnia, digestive problems and other pain related problems (sciatica, lumbago, etc.)


The application of needles, seeds or little balls of stainless steel covered in gold which are applied with pressure to specific points on the ear.


Heat with moxa is used (from the plant artemisa) on the acupuncture points.  This can be applied with cones of moxa, adhesives, boxes, cigars, with ginger, salt, etc.  This is especially indicated where cold makes the problem worse.


Electrical stimulation is applied to the acupuncture points with or without needles.  This is indicated in cases where a major stimulation is needed for the energy.


This is the application of glass cups to areas.  This is very good for contracted muscles and muscular problems.

Herbal medicine:

Using herbal medicine according to the five-element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Indicated in cases of anemia, menstrual disorders, infertility, digestive problems, allergies, dermatitis, etc.


Following again the five-element theory and the classification of certain foods, we can transform your daily foods into your medicine with a simple switch.  This is always included within the consultation due to its importance for our health.

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