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Chiropractic Services


A chiropractor is a health care professional who specialises in the health and function of the spine and nervous system.

Conditions that cause troublesome symptoms don’t appear out of thin air, they build up over time like the straws on a camel’s back. Only when you reach 1000 straws does the camel’s back break and you feel symptoms.

A chiropractor checks your spine for joint dysfunction; a part of your spine that is not moving or functioning normally. This is called a ‘subluxation’ and it interferes with normal brain function.

Our brain continuously monitors and integrates sensory information from around the body to accurately perform movements. This integration of sensory information to perform motor commands is known as sensorimotor integration.

Spinal function impacts communication between the brain, the body and the environment. It can have an impact on how accurately the brain is able to perceive what is going on and respond.

If spinal segments are moving abnormally this can causes background noise for the brain, or the brain may not get adequate information about what’s happening in the spine.

A chiropractor gently adjusts dysfunctional spinal segments to restore appropriate spinal movement. For the brain this is like rebooting a computer.

This clears up communication between the brain and the body, leading to better function, less accidents and a healthier you!

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For the Whole Family

Our FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE is more organised than ever, which means better efficiency when making your appointments and receiving your adjustments. Your children will receive their adjustments alongside you, as a family unit. We open four days a week and offer the services of two qualified chiropractors - Johan and Sharon Nilsson.

FREE Chiropractic Health Classes

Advanced Chiropractic Health Classes are given periodically to all patients as part of the care. You are welcome to attend as many times as you wish. All family members and friends are invited to the talk free of charge.

Periodic Spinal Evaluations in Dedicated Room

Your periodic spinal evaluations will take place in the privacy of the Spinal Analysis Room, according to your schedule of care.

Your First Visit

Your first visit consists of a complete Spinal Analysis, after which the Chiropractor studies your case to see if it is a case for chiropractic. On the second visit you will receive your chiropractic report of findings and begin your chiropractic care.

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