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5 pillars of Health:Exercise

April 26 2012

5 Pillars of Health.

As you most of you know I have started monthly advanced classes ,so all our patients and families can gain a deeper understanding on health and wellbeing.

The 5 pillars of health are Exercise,Positive Mental Attitude,Rest&Relaxation,Diet and finally Postural Hygiene.

This first blog will cover my talk on Exercise answering the questions why ,when and how?


 Why? We have originated from the caveman running after mammoths and away from Sabre tooth tigers. Our daily activities were based on lifting rocks, climbing trees for fruit, diving for mussels for tens of thousands of years.As years went by we got more sedentary although excersise was part of the military in China thousands of years ago a as well as the greek history. The fitter the soldier the higher possibility to live a long&healthy life on the battlefield but then gradually with exception for the military we have started sitting down more and more and eating more and more.The second half of the 20th centrury created the downturn in health since the motorcar became everymans property and we started to move less and less.Studies in Sweden shows that the average Swede used to walk 15kms per day in the 1950’s which dropped to 1.5 kilometres per day at the turn of the century.


So what happens when we sit down too much well according to the American Heart Association, lack of exercise dramatically increases risks of heart problems -- especially coronary artery disease, ie arteries become clogged up with cholesterol and other fatty materials and prevent sufficient blood supply to the heart. But camping out on the couch instead of getting regular exercise also increases the risk of additional risk factors for coronary artery disease, including high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, being obese, and developing diabetes.

So what can I do: I have no time for exercise, my life is too busy.

Well as I explained in my talk get back to basics.Walking is one of the best exercises around and it was the way everybody got around before cars.

I suggest you park the car 10 minutes away from your home  and walk to it in the morning and at night you do the same and presto you have had a total of 20 minutes of exercise in a day.

Adding to that you can also get some Nordic Walking sticks. Nordic walking is a physical activity and a sport. It is performed with special walking poles similar to ski poles.Nordic Walking is suitable for all ages who can walk, including people with some mobility limitations. You may discover that Stick walking enables you to move easier and, therefore, to exercise more intensively   than you can not only when natural walking, but also when doing other physical activities.

A research study in the UK claims that, among healthy people ages 60 and over, the amount of energy used and the heart rate were on average 40% higher when Nordic walking compared to walking naturally. Nordic walking can produce up to almost 50% increase in energy consumption compared to walking without sticks It also has been shown to increase upper body muscle endurance by 38% in just 3 months.

It has been great for me since I got a disc lesion from having overdone martial art training it allowed me to get back into shape. I realize the benefit it has for all ages since it also helps with balance So get out there and start walking with or without sticks.

Life if Movement, so Keep Moving.

Johan Nilsson


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