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Fiesta Saturday 22nd September 2012 in Alfaz del Pí

September 17 2012

 Fiesta in Nilsson Chiropractic Centre

This Saturday 22nd September Nilsson Chiropractic Centre will have a fiesta for our patients, in order to celebrate the 117th birthday of Chiropractic (18.09.1895).

The first 150 people to arrive will receive a FREE gift.

10:30:    Doors open and welcome to the party.  The first 150 people through the doors will receive their FREE gift.

10:45:   We begin the events with a talk by Sheela Massand, Life-Coach y personal facilitator.
She will talk to us about the power of the mind with her programme entitled: "The Big Misunderstanding".

11:15:    We continue with the theme with a guided meditation by Dr. Michelle Nielsen (on cd).  This is a meditation created especially for our Chiropractic patients.  Meditation is one of the five pillars of health.

11:45:    A short 15 minute break for drinks and to get to know each other.

12:00:    To give us an incentive to move our body, Iván Mira is a physical education teacher who has been working for the last 16 years in Alfaz del Pí.  He will talk to us about the benefits of an adequate exercise routine and the importance of balance for the human body.

12:20:    Dr. Sergey Galperin, licensed Chiropractor, who has been practising in Alicante for the last 20 years.  He will give us his take on Chiropractic.

13:00:    Vegetarian Paella and Mixed Paella with drinks for all participants, provided by Catering Mendoza.

14:00:  Close of fiesta.

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