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Thought of the Week, by Dr. Peter Amlinger DC

July 18 2013

Thought of the Week by Dr. Peter Amlinger DC.


There is a Universal Intelligence in ALL matter, which maintains it in existence. Simply stated:


  • There is a personification of God within us called Innate Intelligence.
  • Innate, through our nervous system, runs, controls and guides ALL aspects of our existence.
  • Innate is unlimited in its potential.
  • Structure governs function, always.  If you change the structure of a door by welding the hinges shut it becomes a wall.  If the structure of the body (spine) becomes abnormal, so does our function.
  • Subluxations (abnormal structure), interfere with the flow of innate over the nervous system, (abnormal function).  This has a negative impact on all aspects of our Life; our health, our moods, our attitude, our relationships, you name it!
  • Chiropractic is not about symptoms, conditions and diseases.  It is about LIFE.
  • Chiropractors restore the flow of innate, the flow of potential within us, by adjusting subluxations.
  • Restoration takes time and repeated adjustments and requires maintenance.
  • Chiropractic is a way of life.  It is a choice to live fully connected to the power that created us and trusting it’s wisdom to run, control and guide our life.


In service,

Dr Peter Amlinger

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