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The Sport´s coordinator for L'Alfas del Pi & Chiropractic

March 1 2009

The Sport´s coordinator for L'Alfas del Pi continues to look to improve the education of the sports monitors at the different municipal sports centres and clubs in L'Alfas del Pi, so that they can offer top quality teaching and training to the sportsmen and women of the town, by giving them training for the second season running. 

Last week in the Casa de Cultura (Culture centre), the first formative conference of the 2009 season took place.  The speaker was Johan Nilsson, licensed in Chiropractic and the theme of the evening was: "Postural Hygiene and the Vertebral Column".  Chiropractor Johan Nilsson talked about Chiropractic within Sports and how the sports monitors could help their teams by improving their awareness with regard to postural hygiene.   http://www.radiosirena.es/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=9706

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