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September 1 2011

Nilsson Chiropractic Centre offers you the opportunity to meet three of the most well-known Chiropractors in the world at this symposium, organized by Nilsson Chiropractic Centre and Gandía Chiropractic Centre. The symposium will take place in the Hotel Oliva Nova, in Oliva Valencia on Friday 16th September. This will be a very interesting experience and we would love you to join us. The coach will leave Alfaz del Pí in front of Edificio Albéniz - opposite the roundabout at the beginning of the Avda Pais Valenciano at 15:15 hrs and from Benidorm at the traffic lights opposite the Sala de Fiestas El Molino at 15:30 hrs. We return at 19:30, stopping first in Benidorm and then Alfaz del Pí. This opportunity is exclusive to our patients and their companions from both centres and is COMPLETELY FREE. Nilsson Chiropractic Centre will provide the coach, all you need to do is adjust your timetable and take a break! SPEAKERS´ BIOGRAPHY: Peter Amlinger DC Malaga 2011 Quiroprático Peter Amlinger DC 2011 Dr. Peter Amlinger DC Dr. Peter Amlinger graduated from CMCC in 1985, and has maintained a family oriented subluxation based practice in Mississauga since that time. He was president of the Halton Peel Chiropractic Society since its inception through June of 2000. Dr. Amlinger founded the Wonders of Chiropractic meetings in January of 1992. The purpose of these meetings is to unite chiropractors in the principles of chiropractic. Dr. Amlinger speaks regularly internationally and speaks at Dynamic Essentials meetings. He has been nominated for the Canadian Chiropractor of the Year Award three times, and was the recipient of this award in 2006. In September of 2004 he started Chiropractic Pure and Powerful, a seminar bringing some of the Nation's best speakers together in an effort to unite chiropractors in the principle. He is also president of Purposeful Living Inc. which is a chiropractic consulting and speaking service. Paula Hedlon DC Quiropráctica Paula Hedglon D Dr. Paula Hedglon DC Dr. Paula Rossi Hedglon's chiropractic practice is located in Pompano Beach, Florida where she resides with her husband Michael and daughter Catherine. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College in September 1985, Dr. Paula worked as an associate doctor in Smyrna, Georgia until May 1987. She moved to Florida and opened her practice in July 1988. Dr. Paula is active in many civic and chiropractic organizations. She is currently a board member and Past President of the Southern Chiropractic Association and is active with this organization's "philosophy night" meetings in South Florida. She is currently serving on the Florida Chiropractic Society's board of directors. Dr. Paula operates a high-volume principled practice based on the DE principle of loving, serving and giving. She is a frequent a speaker at the Dynamic Essentials Seminars, as well as speaking at chiropractic philosophy nights in other states. She hosted a call-in radio show that broadcasted the message of principled chiropractic to South Florida. Dr. Paula has participated in four of the Chiropractic Panama Missions. Chiropractic is not what Dr. Paula does, it is her life. She practices with her heart and her passion for chiropractic is expressed every day in her practice. Walter Sanchez DC Quiropráctico Walter Sanchez DC Dr. Walter Sanchez DC Dr. Walter graduated from Life Chiropractic College in April 1983. He interned with Dr. Joe Accurso from 1983 to 1985, before opening Sanchez Chiropractic Life Center in 1985, in Hialeah Florida. Dr. Walter has attended DE since 1979, and been a regular DE speaker since 1988. His topics have included serving the masses the DE way through Principled ChiropracTIC, keeping the message simple. Dr. Walter learned the Toggle technique from Dr. Whitehorn and Dr. Clay Thompson. Dr. Walter has started Chiropractic in his native Peru with the vision to see a Chiropractic center in every corner of the country. Dr. Walter has participated in Life Around the World, headed by Dr. Sid Williams, in the Central American games in Honduras and Venezuela. Dr. Walter is married to Glenda, with whom he has three children, Luna (11), Gabo (9), Ronaldo (8). HOW TO REGISTER You can either register by following the link or by confirming with Heidi or Melba in the Alfaz centre 965889303 or with Telia in the Benidorm centre on 965865391. REGISTER HERE ON-LINE BY SENDING US AN EMAIL WITH REFERENCE: LEVANTE CHIROPRACTIC SYMPOSIUM 2011 See you there!
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