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  • Years of suffering disappeared with Chiropractic.I first found out about Chiropractic in 2006 from a friend. I had a problem between my shoulder blades and neck, which I had suffered from for five years. After chiropractic care I had no pain in those two areas, I feel better in myself, I eat better and drink more water. I´ve also lost some weight. I followed the schedule of appointments given to me by the Chiropractors and I feel pretty good. As well as no longer suffering, my digestion has improved, better bowel movements, more mobility and flexibility, more energy. I sleep well, breathe better and have a better immune system and feel stronger. In all, I generally feel well. The purpose of chiropractic for me is to align the spine so the signals from the brain can flow freely to all the parts of your body. Try it, you might like it!

  • Cleaning the house and lifting furniture set off a back problem.I was referred by my yoga teacher for a severe lower back pain. It occurred when I was cleaning the house and lifting furniture about 8 months ago.
    The lower back pain has been eradicated and with regular adjustments my back and neck are in good condition and I am now able to attend 3 classes of pilates per week!
    I am more aware of my posture and try to sit correctly and very rarely suffer aches and pains. As well as the lower back and neck pain disappearing, I have also had improvement in my mobility and flexibility, I have more strength, more energy and can breathe better. It´s always a good idea to maintain your ody and I would recommend it to everyone. In my opinion, the idea of chiropractic is to stabilise the spine and remove any subluxations which cause all sorts of illnesses and problems.

  • It felt slightly strange to be adjusted, and though it wasn´t painful, I reacted with a headache and felt tired.I had re-occurring electric-like "shocks" up my neck that were very disturbing and came without warning. Also, one leg was longer than the other so one side of me was overworking.
    It felt slightly strange to be adjusted, and though it wasn´t painful, I reacted with a headache and felt tired.
    I didn´t really notice any immediate difference, but the electric-like shocks never re-occurred.
    After some weeks, I started feeling some nice changes though. I seemed to have more strength, and even felt taller and more relaxed. Not long ago, my pelvis stabilized, so my legs are now the same length, and I feel more in balance. My periods are easier, and I make sure I get adjusted when I expect them. And if a cold or stomach upset is creeping up on me, and adjustment helps me kick it off before it really gets started!
    Chiropractic before drugs and surgery for everyone, please, and the earlier in life the luckier!

  • After two weeks I was feeling as new!The first time I got adjusted I didn´t feel any changes, but after my third adjustment I started to get reactions, as headaches, nausea, even the colour of my urine was different, but after two weeks I was feeling as new!

    I am still under the stabilization phase and I still get some reactions after the adjustments, but now my subluxations are more controlled and now I can even feel when I am subluxation myself (stress, heavy shopping bags, cleaning the house, studying in bad positions)!

    My biggest amazement of chiropractic was not long ago. I got the stomach flu and could not come to work, but that same day, although very weak and feeling ill, I came for an adjustment. The next day I was feeling great! In the past when ill, I´ve had to stay in bed for days.... This has made me realize how important it isto come to the chiropractor when you are ill.

    Since I am under chiropractic care I have noticed incredible changes in my body and mind, I feel in harmony with myself.

  • A fractured skull led to losing my sense of smell and taste, as well as losing my hearing.I had fractured my skull in June 2004 which had caused me to lose the senses of smell and taste, accompanied by a loss of hearing in my right ear and terrible pain. I had problems with neck pain and shoulder for at least 30 years. After chiropractic care from Johan my senses of smell and taste returned!
    Also, having had a total loss of hearing I have recuperated some hearing an feel it will continue to improve as long as I keep up with the fantastic level of chiropractic care I have received. To be free of pain and the general sense of wellbeing has enhanced my life tremendously! If I keep up with chiropractic care, my hearing will improve which will prevent surgery! I have also noticed better back posture, I breathe better and have more flexibility. I sleep better, less mood swings, less stress and better sense of wellbeing. I really do feel everyone would benefit from chiropractic care as I feel a lot of general complaints stem from mis-alignment of the spine. Aches and pains or illness that people may have had for years improve or disappear completely once you start to receive chiropractic care.

  • I couldn´t move without help from my husband.I have in in a very bad condition with my body for the last year. I couldn´t move without help from my husband. I would like in bed in pain, I couldn´t do anything without having pain all over my body.
    I was lucky and found Nilsson Chiropractic Centre through an advert in the newspaper and made an appointment.
    I received chiropractic care and finally I recovered to a stable condition in a really short time.
    My thanks go to Nilsson Chiropractic Centre for their professional competence. Johan´s ability to listen made me feel safe as a patient right from the beginning and I like the way he explained the procedures applied.
    This established a great relationship which is the basic for a successful outcome.

  • I sleep better, have better flexibility and strength, which are all bonuses.I first met Nilsson Chiropractic Centre at a local trade fair and decided to have a check-up as I had had backache for a number of years with various degrees of discomfort.
    My back problems are almost non-existent, and my general posture has improved. I sleep better, have better flexibility and strength, which are all bonuses.

  • Sciatic pain can be debilitating, but there is hope with Chiropractic.I first found out about Nilsson Chiropractic Centre through a friend of mine whose husband had been attending the Centre with great results.
    The initial reason for my visit was a trapped sciatic nerve, which I had had for many years.
    I had a total recovery and am no longer in extreme pain. I followed the schedule of appointments that the Chiropractors recommended to me and followed their advice on exercise and posture.
    As well as help with the sciatica, I had improved mobility, more flexibility, I was able to sleep better, my breathing improved, my mood improved and was able to deal better with stress and a general improvement in my well-being. I would recommend Chiropractic to my friends and family. In my experience chiropractic is to make one´s life as free from anxiety and pain as possible.

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