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  • I have gained my appetite and my consumption of tobacco has decreased.Testimonial
    I feel lucid and my body doesn´t want me to smoke so much!

    I am a designer and I´m used to working 10 hour days in the same position. I remember having visited my family doctor for a really intense and persistent pain in my right arm. He sent me to the traumatologist, who gave me an intense treatment with medication. When I drove I had to return to the traumatologist because the pain didn´t go away and on top of that it was now in the other arm. He proposed another round of treatment or to send me to the neurosurgeon with a report of the magnetic resonance which diagnosed a herniated disc at level C6-7 and a proposal for surgery. It was there that through a friend I heard about chiropractic and my friend assured me that my problem could be helped with chiropractic.

    I was suffering from terrible pain and when I began my chiropractic care, on the first visit I felt a sense of relief, which increased after every visit.

    I disregarded the idea of surgery and I never returned to the doctor, and neither did I need medication.

    Mentally I feel more lucid, agile in spite of my work being just as demanding. Before I didn´t sleep well, I always slept very few hours, now I tend to sleep more and I have a better quality of sleep.

    I am more conscious of taking care of my posture during the day, and also when resting.

    Since I follow chiropractic care I have noticed an increase in my appetite and I have gained body weight, which is an important thing for a thin person.

    I have decreased my tobacco consumption considerably, and my body no longer demands so much tobacco. I have more energy and zest and I feel like doing more sports.

    All the changes I have noted are favourable and the most surprising one for me is that every day I wake up with no pains, with a completely straight posture, my shoulders and chest have returned to their normal positon, and I hold my head and neck high.

    I do not hesitate for one moment to tell others of the changes I have had and recommend chiropractic to everyone.

    David G.
    5th Mayo 2011
  • My asthma crisis didn´t return and I can enjoy my pets.My asthma crisis didn´t return and I can enjoy my pets.
    I had suffered from a persistent allergy which led to strong asthma attacks. Tired of using medication without finding relief, in 1997 I began to treat my allergies with acupuncture. I was able to control my attacks without quite stopping all my medication and only required acupuncture during certain times of the year, mainly in spring.

    With such a highly sensitive allergic reactions, most things triggered it off which made living a normal life impossible. Daily life changes little by little without you even noticing the things you no longer do, in order to avoid it turning into an authentic health problem.

    Later on I had a lumbosacral injury with episodes of sciatica which led me to chiropractic.

    After a while I found improvement from the sciatica, but also discovered that the adjustments brought other changes to my body, most importantly the asthma attacks didn´t return and I no longer needed acupuncture even for the seasonal changes that previously brought on crisis.

    I stopped my dependency on the medication, I stopped getting stuck when I wanted to get up from the sofa and I could also enjoy having my pets back in the house, a luxury that years previously would have been impossible without having an allergy crisis at the first moment of contact with them.

    I have been in Chiropractic care for ten years because it is the only thing that I find helps. My regular care has become part of my life and I never miss my appointment - I look after myself.

    Remedios García
    Alfaz del Pí. Alicante.

    I first knew Doctor Sharon and Doctor Johan about 14 years ago when my family Doctor recommended me to visit their Holistic Health Centre in Alfaz del Pí.

    I went there because of constant neck problems. At first they gave me acupuncture sessions, from which I made such great improvement I stopped going.
    I remained well for a long time, until a couple of years when my aches and pains returned little by little. The neck was the worst, but my knees, hips and hands were also painful.
    My neck became so unbearable that I ended up in emergency at the hospital. The only solution that the doctors could offer me was to take medication and immobilize a finger on one hand because it hurt so much.
    I decided to try massage, which helped for a while but didn´t last. I remembered the Nilsson’s when I saw they had opened another practice in Benidorm and I started Chiropractic care in January of 2015. After just a few sessions I started to notice that I no longer had pins and needles in my hands and they didn´t hurt so much during the night. I began to sleep a lot better again.
    My general health is better, my knees hurt less, I can turn my neck and I feel sure of myself walking in the street because I don´t have the sensation of dizziness anymore when walking.
    When I first went to the practice I couldn´t open my jaw very well to eat and now it´s much better. I feel more stable.

    Consuelo U.B.
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