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  • Multiple Sclerosis and Chiropractic. MORE IMPORTANT THAN TO OVERCOME THE FEAR IS TO VANQUISH THE PAINI knew about Chiropractic through my brother and sister-in-law who were following a programme of care that was very satisfying for them both. Very suspiciously, I decided to start care, due to desperation and as a last hope of finding relief from my pain.

    At 36 years old I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and two vertebral hemangiomas. I was constantly between visits to the neurologist and the traumatologist. In the summer of 2009 I was being taken to the emergency ward every week. My body was not responding to the medication, and I was told that I was suffering from anxiety, and so I was recommended to see a phsychologist. And that is what I did. This helped to control my anxiety, however I was told in no uncertain terms that I would continue suffering physically with no respite.
    I started chiropractic care as I thought I couldn´t get any worse. I have to confess that I was so nervous during those first visits that I had to take lexatil to calm me down before the visits, which I later replaced with valeriana, until I became familiarized with the adjustments and gained confidence with the results.

    The pains began to change places and reduce in intensity. There were weeks when I felt better, other weeks when I felt worse, but at least I noticed changes were happening and I could go 4 days without having any pain. For me the change was resounding as previously it was impossible for me to walk 200 metres without feeling pain and my right leg falling asleep.

    Many of my symptoms started to disappear and I told the neurologist of my changes. For example: on bending my head forward I used to feel an electric charge down both legs, from the groin down and a shuddering sensation in the head, which was considered to be one of the symptoms of my disease.

    With these type of symptoms of multiple sclerosis I couldn´t see I had a future that didn´t involve suffering and less and less range of motion.
    I followed the programme of adjustments exactly as the Chiropractors told me to. I gave myself the time to feel the changes, and when I felt anxiety about the care and had certain fears for my health, the team at the Centre knew how to calm me down with their kind words, guiding me the whole way.

    The Assisants recommended I read the book: "Chiropractic" which was really good for me as it clarified a lot of points and enabled me to understand the process better.

    Today the pain has disappeared. I feel so alive and full of hope. I´m no longer afraid to live a normal life. Before I was afraid to do exercise, and now I go swimming and I even go to the gym.

    I am so convinced that this is because of chiropractic care that my 11 year old son also receives adjustments because he had a sore neck, headache and sore ankles. His recovery has been very quick, and he still receives chiropractic care as a way of enhancing his general health.

    In fact my whole family has chiropractic care. My Mother, who because of her age, has osteoporosis and arthritis, has found considerable relief and improvement, as well as my 18 year old nephew who suffered from joint pains, and the most recent member of the family to start receiving chiropractic care is my other brother who has just finished his first phase of care and is so happy with the results.
    I can only say thank you for the help and I highly recommend chiropractic to everyone from the bottom of my heart.

    MariCarmen Esquinas
    12th May 2011
    Villajoyosa, Alicante.
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